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Fight for The Tower

from This Time It's On Fire by Tower of Fire



Fight for the Tower

It is the battle to the death
The winner gets to win the battle
The loser gets to win the death
And only one of them can lose

They’ve been fighting for dozens of minutes
And it still hasn’t let up
We could be here for a while
I’m gonna go and get a snack

The fate of the tower rests on this
If they lose the tower burns
And they won’t get to burn the tower
Because Samalcock will have burnt it

They’ve been fighting for dozens of minutes
And it could be minutes more
I just ran out of snacks
I’m gonna get another snack
I’ll be right back

It’s the part at the end where they fight to the death and nobody knows who will win
So everyone place your bets and don’t you ever bet against good ‘cause only good will ever win

So sound the battle cry, stop trying to fly
It’s the fight for the tower
Saddle the unicorn, and grab the popcorn
For it’s the fight for the tower of fire

My name is Samalcock and I will destroy you
Huh, big tough, Aw yeah I’m gonna shit on your grandma
Oah, big tough, aw yeah, I just fucked your mother’s dead dog
Huah big tough, aw yeah, I’m not gonna show up on time
Oooah, big tough, aw yeah, I just shat in your meat sandwich

Wait one moment, we can destroy the Samalcock if we use the power of fire
Fire, fire, fire, fire HEART
When your fires combine, I am captain fire
Captain fire burns the tower, gonna take the towers down to none left
And then Captain Fire fucked off down the pub, and there were only teenagers left to fix the vast environmental problems
And our heroes were left with seemingly no hope

So with the power of fire extinguished
We’re left without our internal flame
But we’re not about to give up
Within our hearts lies the key
We will unleash our secret Samalcock destroying weapon


Huh, big tough, aw yeah, we destroyed the Samalcock
Hoah, big tough, aw yeah, we just saved your mother’s dead dog
Hoaah, big tough, aw yeah, and we also saved your meat sandwich
Ooah, big tough, aw yeah, and your grandma’s ok


from This Time It's On Fire, released March 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Tower of Fire Brisbane, Australia

In a hail of burning fire, Tower of Fire unleashes towering torrents of molten metal directly into the listener's eartubes.
There is nothing like what it has become, and nothing like what the listener will be after the listening has become a thing which has happened already.
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